Directly Managed by the DAV College Trust and Management Society, New Delhi

House System  

To inculcate an atmosphere of healthy competition and team spirit, most of the school activities are performed on House basis. Inter House competitions are organized periodically under the flags of:

Dayanand Gandhi Raman Tagore


Blossoming of Latent Talents

We expose the children to hobbies like reading, sketching, singing, dancing and gardening and ensure that discipline becomes a seconds nature of a child. Individual and consistent monitoring of every student enables the teacher to recognize the field in which a particular child can excel. Children with similar interest and inclinations are grouped together and then the teachers help them to nurse and cultivate their talents. They are also trained in Library, Yoga and Music by experts.


We have a library in the school where various types of books are available in accordance with the demand of the students and teachers charging nominal library fee annually.


The School plans picnic and educational tours for the students. They are taken to historical places, museums, factories, research institutions etc. to give them a first hand knowledge.


Art & Craft exhibition and Science exhibition are held every year. A Science exhibition in order to explore the scientific idea & thoughts of the budding scientists of the school are arranged time to time.


In order to develop the sense of earning through learning in students, the school organizes fete every year.

Games & Sports

Inculcating in our students the qualities of leadership and sportsmanship, besides nurturing their physique, is the aim of our games and sports curriculum. Our school tries to provide the students with the maximum possible infrastructure for the popular games and field sports items. Inter-school sports tournaments, trek king and adventurous expeditions also help to bring out a display of strength and stamina, vigour and sportsmanship in students.


The DAV College Management Committee, New Delhi recruits fully qualified staff members, after their recruit ment are sent for attending orientation course, workshops and teleconference programmes time to time in the In-service institutions run by the Mahaging Committee for keeping the teachers all over the country aware of the requirements of the schools.

Vedic initiation Camp

To inculcate character in the students DAV Schools organize Vedic Initiation Camp in which discussion on religious themes-Culture or Vedas are done by well renowned personalities having deep knowledge of Vedas and Vedic Culture, Students of various schools take part in this camp.


National Cadet Corps (Army wing) unit has been raised in the school under the authority of Ministry of Defence. Govt. of India. Both boys and girls enroll for training and are facilitated in different fields. 

  • Opportunity for personality development.
  • Incentive to achieve academic excellence.
  • Opportunity to participate in adventurous activities. 
  • Monetary and medical assistance to cover mishap 
  • Opportunity to travel abroad.
  • Easy terms to enter the armed forces.
  • To join an engineering and medical colleges of your choice.

The School promises to call for the skilled experts to train and teach how the academic excellence is achieved. Apart from general education techniques for the preparation of the vocational courses and other competitive examinations are catered by the subject experts.

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