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Welcome to the website of DAV Public School, Katar! DAV Katar takes pride in its excellent infrastructure, which has been suitably and routinely planned to accommodate learning and all round development of the students. The school provides a full range of facilities and congenial atmosphere to help the students adjust happily and to feel at homely.

 DAV Katar takes an oath to ignite the pure, white and innocent mind of budding children to awaken the talent mental ability gifted to all, with the help of skilled and efficient band of teachers. Our work is to purvey to them about our culture heritage, new modern scientific approach along with historical and literacy pride to inculcate human, social and national values and analyse the fact logically universally and  scientifically. The soft mind of the children should be washed, trained, shaped and exercised by a man of letter, a man of moral and an expert concerned which we have in our team is incessant striving to nurture and poster to creative activity thought. Moto and mission of education is to add new exploring and science prone eyes to visualize and analyse the matter critically and scientifically  not blindly and traditionally fluent and sweet honeyed tongue to express comprehensive and spontaneous powerful feelings and soul philanthropic and in the moral decaying age humanitarian are the need of hours. School a centre of learner and scholars, infuses of strong sense of discipline, harmony, unity problem solving skill and leadership quality through Morning Assembly, Co-curricular based Activities, Competitive Exams., Seminars, Vedic Camp, CCE etc.  in which makes ladder to ride in multidimensional direction and multifarious personality development of the children. Teachers, a moving library , store house of knowledge and experience, debunk of security and substantiate the facts is aim to the immature learners, it is anticipated, our organization is committed to create the environment ‘where the mind is without fear and pressure’ admiring and inspiring rarely penalizing. Highly imaginative, sensitive and active mind of the children should be sparked and accelerated by providing the opportunity creative activity and self expressing is the revelation of spontaneous inner voice and feelings. We educationists have donated ourselves to create a lifelong autonomous learners make live life and emit radiance and light.

    (S. K. Ghosh)

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Katar Lajpat Ray Nagar
Dehri-On-Sone Rohtas-821308
E-mail - davkatardos147@yahoo.com
Contact No. - +91 9473235897

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